About the Download

Popsicle Days

Bright and energetic catchy music with big loud drums, This track can bring a lot of energy to your production Suitable for action movies, tv advertisements, films, youtube, games, backgrounds, films, commercial Good luck with your projects!

Track Info:
Looped Audio: No
Includes Vocals/no Vocals: No Vocals
BPM (Tempo): 102
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Precision: 16-bit
Duration: 02:06
File Size: 26.02M
Bit Rate: 1.41M
Audio File Included: WAV, MP3

Tags: game, youtube, uplifting, urban, stomps, trailer, upbeat, sexy, sports, powerful, rock, playful, powerful, light, movie, optimistic, happy, inspirational, funk, hand claps, epic, fashion, drums, energetic, cinematic, commercial, dramatic, background, bright.