About the Download


A very cheerful, happy, positive kids guitar track with happy ukulele, happy whistles, The track has a very happy-go-lucky feel for children and celebration for toys ideal background music for Happy promo, Happy party, Happy presentation, health videos, real estate, business videos, medical and more.

Track Info:
Looped Audio: No
Includes Vocals/no Vocals: No Vocals
BPM (Tempo): 90
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Precision: 16-bit
Duration: 01:19
File Size: 16.04M
Bit Rate: 1.41M
Audio File Included: WAV, MP3

Tags: positive, success, catchy, cheerful, children, summer, travel, happy, hope, indie, inspirational, upbeat, uplifting, pop, positive, summer, ukulele, motivational, optimistic, piano, folk, fun, guitar, happy, folk, fun, ukulele, joyful, guitar.