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I Wish

Best choice for kids backgrounds music track It’s perfect for family videos, YouTube videos, vloggs, children related content, adventure videos, sport ads, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, real estate, cooking show, funny animals, home movie and much more!

Track Info:
Looped Audio: No
Includes Vocals/no Vocals: No Vocals
BPM (Tempo): 200
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Precision: 16-bit
Duration: 02:24
File Size: 29.07M
Bit Rate: 1.41M
Audio File Included: WAV, MP3

Tags: Advertising, baby, background, summer. upbeat, joy, kids, motivate, hopeful, inspirational, guitar, happy, holiday, enjoy, family, folk, fun, corporate, energetic, energy, cheerful, children, uplifting, pretty, travel, ukulele, optimistic, positive.